November 5, 2019

We're back with episode 3 of our new Orbiting Elements series, where we showcase the four elements of Hip Hop, Graffiti, Emceeing, DJing and B-Boying.

This time around we have a turntablism routine from 2018 UK DMC Champion DJ Koncept.

Witness the insane talents of Northern Ireland's finest export, DJ Koncept with this dope routine! Originally hailing from Belfast, Koncept now resides in Aukland, New Zealand and is proudly flying the flag for Irish Hip Hop on the other side of the globe! He competes in multiple turntablist events all over the world and usually returns to grace his hometown with a live performance once a year.

He has worked with artists like Bronx legend Kool Keith, Cherisse, Hannah Rae, New Zealand's Stash and Belfast's own Steve Loc.

Check out the third episode of Orbiting Elements below:

Huge thanks to DJ Koncept for shooting this routine for us and to 5th Element NI Charity for letting us film in their new Hip Hop social hub in Belfast.

Koncept's latest release, Ghosts EP is out now on 12" vinyl and digital platforms. Go show some love and buy and/or listen to his material at

October 25, 2019

For those of you who don't know, I'm taking part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing event in November to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

To help raise as much as possible for the charity I have designed this boxing themed t-shirt and £10 from each one sold will go to Cancer Research UK. They're available now at

Unfortunately cancer will impact most of our lives at some stage, whether us directly, a family member or a friend. Please consider picking up one of these t-shirts and help us kick cancer's ass!

September 28, 2019

Join MoonDoggys Clothing founder Mark Brittain for a special show on Belfast's SkankFM, hosted by DAZ and broadcast worldwide on

Earlier this year I had the idea of being a guest on DAZ's radio show, setting up cameras in the studio to capture the occasion for the MoonDoggys YouTube channel. Wanting to add another dimension to the video, I thought we should choose a selection of local Irish Hip Hop to play throughout the show, and include the music videos between the interview segments, following the format that was once popular on MTV and BET shows.

Thankfully upon pitching the idea to DAZ, he loved the sound of it and we set about planning the show. Coming up with a tracklist would prove tricky, while the local Hip Hop scene is growing at a steady pace and there are quite a few emcees with great tracks, there are a limited number of music videos to go with them! With this limitation in mind, I spent an evening browsing YouTube to find ten or eleven suitable tracks/videos from local artists. Armed with the tracklist I joined DAZ in the SkankFM studio on a Sunday evening in early August to make this happen.

So after a fun evening in the studio recording the show, I embarked upon the inevitably long editing process, syncing up the video clips from four cameras to the master audio recorded via the studio mixing desk and slotting in the music videos for the 11 Irish Hip Hop tracks selected. After many hours of work, I'm proud to present this video, both the longest and most meaningful piece of content I've ever produced and I hope you enjoy it! (Link embedded at the bottom of this blog post)

Huge thanks to DAZ for having me on the show and helping with the cameras, it wouldn't have been possible without you! Also a massive thank you to all of the artists, producers, and videographers involved in the tracks selected for the show, without whom this would just be a video of two dudes with headphones on, talking for over two hours!

Here are the tracks we played:

DAZ & O-One feat Dark Angel - Keep On
Durty Devz Feat. Skeet - Came So Far (Produced by Dame Muzik)
DBMCs - Waspers (Produced by Ratty Beats)
L.O.R.D - Breaking Bad 
Steve Loc - The Midget Kicker (Produced by Noize Thievery)
Waking Android – Kid Chameleon feat Danny Droppit & Jay Suttin
Danny Diatribe - Hangover on Repeat (Produced by Cutterz)
J.O.E. Belfast - Titanic Town
Robbie Gowler X Roll'd aL - Life in HD ft. Ronnie Eggs
Durty Devz- Funky Flow
DAZ & O-one Feat Big Twins - Raw

August 3, 2019

On Saturday July 27th Breaking Down Borders Hip Hop night took place at The Hudson Bar in Belfast. With 11 hours of DJs and Emcees from all over Ireland, this was set to be an awesome day of local Hip Hop! 

Organised by Marley Media, Shambles Records and Skank FM, and hosted by Belfast Hip Hop legend DAZ, this event was destined for greatness from the outset. With performances from L.O.R.D. (Let Our Revolution Decide), Damz, Rosco Sauce, Hyfin, Jah1, ODC (Ordinary Decent Criminals), Shambles Bhoy & Devious, Arcane Soakes, DJ Green, Jack Bashful, Skeet, DAZ, Jay Suttin and Steve Loc.

Of course I was on hand with the MoonDoggys stall set up beside the stage to show off some of the new merchandise. On top of the responsibility of the stall, I also decided to bring my camera to shoot some footage of the Emcees and DJs doing their thing to make an aftermovie. Check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Keep an eye on the MoonDoggys YouTube channel for full length performance videos from most of the emcees / rappers on the bill.

May 31, 2019

Earlier this week Durty Devz dropped the music video for his new track, Funky Flow.

Devz contacted me a few days before he was going out to shoot the video to order a MoonDoggys varsity jacket to wear in a few shots. Naturally I was stoked to have some threads immortalised in another music video in the Belfast Hip Hop scene. On top of that, he asked me to cameo in the video, with no idea of what he wanted me to do in the video (or why) I thought, "fuck it, why not?!" and said yes.

As a videographer myself, I always enjoy being around and getting involved in any kind of filmmaking project and this one was no different. With the energy and enthusiasm that Devz brings I knew this would be a lot of fun, and with Arcane Soakes creating the visuals it was bound to be a uniquely styled video. With psychedelic colour schemes and trippy double exposure effects Soakes has delivered a distinctive music video that is very relevant to the lyrics and perfectly captures the feeling of the track.

Big up Durty Devz for rocking MoonDoggys Clothing in the video and asking me to be in it, shouts to Arcane Soakes (Frozen Thought Media) on the visuals and Skeet (who also cameos in the video), all three of them are local emcees flying the flag for Belfast Hip Hop, so get out there and support them!

Check out the video here:

May 25, 2019

On Thursday night I was joined at the Space Kennel by tattoo artist Walross AKA Rosco Sauce for an evening of brainstorming, sketching and talking about art, Hip Hop and street culture. During this discussion we got around to the topic of LA style graffiti tags and LA tattoo artists like Big Sleeps, this resulted in him sketching out a MoonDoggys tag in the LA style for a t-shirt.

Check out the video to see him in action and keep an eye out for the tee when it drops

April 22, 2019

 The new music video for Kid Chameleon by Waking Android Ft. Danny Droppit & Jay Suttin has just dropped, and both the track and the video are straight fire! With visual genius Psy Media behind the camera and on the edit, the video was sure to be on point.

Waking Android's Dsgrace and Kronus always deliver deep, lyrical bars and are joined on this track by Danny Droppit & Jay Suttin from the DBMCs to bring that Norf Koast energy that they do best. On top of his bars, Kronus also produced the beat for this track which can best be described as "Musical Alchemy", and after hearing this track I can't wait to hear the rest of Waking Android's sophomore album!

Upon seeing the Facebook post to announce the release of Kid Chameleon I eagerly clicked the link to watch the video, obviously I was enjoying both the track and the video but I was pleasantly surprised to see Danny Droppit rocking a MoonDoggys hoodie. Danny has been a supporter of the brand since day one but it's always humbling to see someone wearing your clothing in a music video, especially when you didn't know it would be there.

Huge props to everyone involved!

Check out the full video here:

March 22, 2019

March 15th 2019 was another great night for Irish Hip Hop and Elixir Live Hip Hop Showcase / Antidote Emcees with a stellar lineup of Emcees and DJs to entertain the Belfast crowd at Elixir #9 in McHugh's Basement.

With the usual open mic session and performances from our host for the evening SomeDeadBeat, Rosco Sauce, Skank FM's Daz, PX Music's Hazey with Strange Boy & DJ Replay and GavinDaVinci & Mankyy, and DJ Sets from Elemental and Militant Vinylist.

Check out our videos from the night to see the highlights as well as live performances from Daz with special guest Jack Bashful, Hazey with Strange Boy and DJ Replay and GavinDaVinci with Mankyy

February 22, 2019

We're back with episode 2 of our new Orbiting Elements series, where we showcase the four elements of Hip Hop, Graffiti, Emceeing, DJing and Breakdancing.

This time around we have a freestyle from Rosco Sauce with 16 bars over the instrumental of Cozz - Zendaya.

If any local Emcees, DJs, B-Boys or Graffiti Writers are interested in featuring on the Orbiting Elements series reach out to us on the Contact Us page.

Check out Rosco Sauce on Instagram @_RoscoSauce 

Or on

February 14, 2019

This short video shows the entire process from start to finish of printing a MoonDoggys Clothing Handstyle T-Shirt. The method of printing is heat transfer vinyl, this is quite time consuming but allows for the design to be sized according to the size of the T-Shirt / hoodie being printed.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on future uploads!

Music used is DBMCs - PG (Feat. Steve Loc) Courtesy of Rat Out Records
Get it here -

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